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Restaurant En & Sea

Restaurant "En"

  • Popular choice of kaiseki cuisine

  • Restaurant "En" stands calmly Japanese-style modern. You can enjoy various seasonal tastes per season.
    For delicious cuisine, goodness of ingredients and seasoning is natural, but it is best to take out freshly prepared food.
    In this facility, we integrated the kitchen to enjoy more delicious natural ingredients.
    Also, for dinner you can have a special meal for the selection of ingredients, and you can relax relaxingly in "nice light production space".
    In addition, the introduction of the tablet ordering system has made it easier for customers to place orders.

    Facility name Restaurant "En"

    ■Meal place Shirasagi-tei 2F

    ■Meal time(Dinner)From 18:00 to 21:30
    ※Dish last order 20:00/Last drink order 20:30

    (Breakfast) 7: 30-9: 30(Last Order 9: 00)
  • 【1】space

    In the restaurant "En", we made it possible to eliminate partitions and enjoy the feeling of opening.
    Nevertheless, I devised a way to make a calm meal by "light production / spot light" so that the next door does not matter.
  • 【2】musics

    Jazz is flowing in BGM inside the store, plenty of atmosphere with "directing of light". I play a jazz music video on the ceiling plasma TV.
  • 【3】Choice of dishes Local gourmet menu

    For dinner, in addition to the basic set menu, a choice menu system that allows you to choose one of the four local gourmet dishes.We have prepared a local menu recommended by the hotel at that time.Also, set up a kitchen out next to "En", you can eat hot foods hot and cold food cold and freshly prepared dishes.
  • "4" service

    As a representative of the service, we established a salad bar at two locations inside the store. A wide variety of dressings are also available. You can also enjoy milk and orange juice drinks at breakfast. You can use as many times as you like. In addition, the soy sauce on the table of "En" uses the local Nanao “Torii Soy Sauce”.
  • 【Five】Landscape

    The side facing the sea gave a large windowpane so that you can dine while watching the beautiful Nanao Bay. In the morning sunshine you can enjoy a different atmosphere from the evening.
  • 【6】tempura

    Enji tempura keeps local vegetables and shrimps fried. Please enjoy with special powdered green tea salt. If you would like to talk about Tenchu, we will have it if you can tell
  • 【Dinner】

    Please bring your "meal ticket" you will receive at the front desk at check-in, and please accept at "En" reception.
    The seat will be announced.
    ※Please understand that the restaurant "En" has been smoke-free since January 1, 2009.
    The smoking area is on the same second floor. In addition, please rest assured that you can come in the yukata as it is in the store.
    We will ask you to take a seat and order a local gourmet food menu and drinks.
    You can choose one of the 7 local gourmet dishes (3 in winter only).
    It is the beginning of meals. Please listen to the soothing jazz and enjoy.
    From the adjoining outdoor kitchen, freshly cooked dishes such as fried tempura and sashimi will be delivered.
    Then., Please relax.···
  • 【Breakfast】

    Please bring me a "meal ticket" just like at dinner time. Seats are free.
    For breakfast while looking at beautiful scenery, it is extraordinary.
    There is also a milk / orange juice drink service.

Restaurant "Umi"

  • Room-only restaurants with Yunohana-Tei half open-air bath (hot spring)

  • Opened in April 2016! There is a restaurant "Umi", private room.

    Enjoy creative kaiseki cuisine at the Japanese-style and Western-style restaurant with a half open-air bath!

    The scenery of Nanao Bay colors the gems! Please enjoy the seasonal ingredients with the best cooking.
  • Sea entrance
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