Wakura Onsen Yukemuri no Yado"Biwanso" ◆Wakura Bar is being held on Saturdays in January! Under oyster grilling behavior ticket distribution◆We saw dolphins from the courtyard! If the timing is right, you might be able to see it from your room. ◆Nationwide Travel Support Now Accepting! Until March 31, 2023
Calm Sea view of Nanao Bay and seasonal seafood, and hot spring


Founded in 1804, the oldest inn in Wakura Onsen"Biwanso"

Boasting more than 200 years of tradition, the most historic inn in Wakura Onsen, visited by writers such as Tekkan Yosano, Akiko and his wife. The magnificent Sea view of the Nanao Bay, which extends beyond the lobby, which is the origin of its name, will heal the mind of the guests who arrived. You can enjoy about 500 stones a day, abundant sources of water in the public bath or the open-air bath facing the sea. In addition, 3 rooms with open-air baths to enjoy the hot spring are newly added in April 2016 to 8 rooms, and at the same time the exclusive restaurant "Umi" offers seasonal ingredients in the best cooking method. You The cuisine will be prepared at the dining restaurant "En" where you can enjoy a variety of products that make use of the taste of the ingredients, mainly fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, in the banquet room, in the room, or in the menu or salad bar. You In 2020, "Private Room Dining Aya", a relaxing dining space to spend in the designer's room, opens.The memories of the hospitality is the best trip of Biwanso that tradition and new meet.

About new coronavirus infectious disease prevention measures

  • This facility implements the following infectious disease measures ※This facility does not have a buffet for both evening and breakfast

    At this facility, we will endeavor to take the following measures so that you can spend your time with peace of mind.
    ·Staff mask wear,Disinfection,Hand wash,Temperature measurement,Thorough physical condition management
    ·Temperature measurement and disinfection at the time of admission to customers
    ·Preparation of hot spring socks
    ·Room key,Elevator,Regular disinfection of door knobs
    ·Alcohol disinfectant is installed on each floor and location
    ·The restaurant keeps the distance between customers as much as possible
    ·Thorough ventilation in the facility
    ·Use of large bathing rooms with a space between them
    【To customers】
    ·Please cooperate with temperature measurement and disinfection at check-in.
    ·Please wear a mask when moving within the facility.
    ·Check-in after 16:00 is recommended for crowd avoidance
    ※If you do not cooperate with infection control such as wearing a mask, you may be refused admission.

Nationwide travel support (Ishikawa Travel Discount) from 1/10 to 3/31 will be accepted from 12/23

  • Three vaccinations or negative proof (test result notification) is required

    <The displayed price is before discount>
    Please apply from the Official website and write "Nationwide discount request" (required) in the answer column to the inn.
    ※Please apply by local payment
    【Nationwide travel support】
    ·Period:1/10 (Tuesday) - 3/31(Friday)
    ·Eligible:Those residing in Japan
    ·Discount:20%(Upper limit 3000 yen),Sightseeing coupon 2000 yen per person(Saturday,consecutive holidays 1000 yen)
    at check-in,Filling in the application form(Name and address of companions eligible for discount required),identification card(License etc.),Proof of vaccination for 3 doses or negative proof (photograph acceptable) required
    ※If applying from a reservation site or travel agency, registration is required at each application site.

New Year's Comedy Show will be held on Tuesday, February 21, 2023

  • The 23rd Biwanso New Year's Comedy Show Show ~ Kikumaru Hayashiya and Katsura Sando Two Party~

    We will hold a New Year's vaudeville performance for the first time in three years, so that we can take measures against infection and brighten your heart with laughter.
    Date and time February 21, 2023(Tuesday)
    Doors open 15:30
    Start 16:00
    Dinner 18:00 "yen","Zuiun","Aya (guests only)"
    Performed Kikumaru Hayashiya "2020 Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Popular Performing Arts Category Grand Prize』
          Katsura Sando
          Houki Tsukitei
    Venue 2nd floor"Suehiro"(All seats are chair seats)
    Kidosen ¥16,000(Tax included)/Special front seat 18,000 yen (tax included) Special kaiseki cuisine "Tsuki" meal included
    On the day of the event, there will also be a comedy lottery where you can win the much-talked-about “Ultra Fine Mist Mirable” and “Pair Accommodation Ticket”.

For customers with food allergies

  • This facility does not handle allergies that are included as raw materials (as ingredients such as soup stock and oil).

    In order to ensure that customers with allergies can enjoy their meals, we will respond as much as possible to change the allergenic ingredients themselves or the items themselves (contents cannot be specified) if you contact us at least 3 days before your stay. Let me do it.
    Example) No raw fish:Sashimi → another item,No shrimp:Shrimp → other ingredients
    However, we do not deal with cases where it is included as raw materials (including specific raw materials).In addition, we do not change the cooking utensils, etc., so there is a possibility of contamination.
    Please contact us if you wish to bring in food (allergy-friendly food) (cannot be cooked, warmed, etc.).Please understand the complexity of allergens and ingredients these days.

All-you-can-drink soft drinks for customers who apply from the Official website from 2022.10.1!

  • 【Official website application privilege】All-you-can-drink soft drinks at dinner

    From October 1, 2022, only customers who apply online from the hotel's Official website (telephone reservations, Official website reservations, applications from reservation sites such as Jalan, Rakuten, etc. will not be applied), how many soft drinks will be served at dinner It's free to drink (except bottled products such as Ao no Shizuku)!
    ★Orange juice★Oolong Tea(Hot ice)★Calpis★Coke★Ginger ale★subject!

For those who apply for Nationwide Travel Assistance (Ishikawa Travel Discount) "2023/1/10 to 3/31"

  • Sightseeing coupons (electronic coupons) will be given to you at the front desk at check-in at the reception desk for nationwide travel assistance.

    Regardless of the application method (direct application, reservation site, travel agency), sightseeing coupons for 2000 yen per person (1000 yen on Saturdays) at check-in will be handed over electronically (ticket with QR code and coupon number). We are here.
    In addition, regardless of the application method, all accompanying persons (excluding children under the age of 12) must present a 3-dose vaccination certificate (or a negative certificate), ID card at the front desk, and sign the applicant and the accompanying person. You must enter your name and address.
    ※In the unlikely event that there is a person who does not meet the conditions among the accompanying people, discounts and coupons will be given excluding that person.

For customers living outside the prefecture who have not been vaccinated 3 times and wish to receive a national travel support discount

  • Free tests at pharmacies are only for people in Ishikawa Prefecture From 9/1

    The free antigen qualitative test, which was conducted at pharmacies in the prefecture, was closed to those outside the prefecture at the end of August.From September 1st, free PCR tests (valid from 3 days before the date of stay) have started in each prefecture, so please take the tests in your prefecture, including this one.

Negative proof (test result notification) required for nationwide travel support discount application

  • Business establishments in Ishikawa prefecture where you can receive free inspections 【The link is a list of free inspection offices in Ishikawa prefecture.】

    Those who have not been vaccinated 3 times and wish to apply the prefectural discount will need a negative certificate (test result notification).If a negative certificate is not available until the day of the event, a free test will be available at pharmacies around Wakura.
    Welcia Yakkyoku Wakura Nanao Store 0767-62-1021 Weekdays,Saturday 9am to 7pm
    Wakura Aozora Pharmacy 0767-62-8931 Weekdays 9:00 to 18:00, Saturdays 9:00 to 13:00
    Kusuri no Aoki Kojima Pharmacy 0767-52-2701 Sundays available 9am to 9pm 
    There are many free inspection centers in Nanao City, including 253 locations within the prefecture (including 77 locations open on Sundays).
    If you cannot take the test due to unavoidable circumstances such as after hours, please bring a medical test kit (approved by pharmaceutical affairs) or purchase it at a local pharmacy.


  • All guest rooms will be non-smoking from April 1, 2021 / External wall construction will begin from October 1, 2022【10.1 update】

    From April 1, 2021, all rooms in this facility are non-smoking.There is one smoking room on the 2nd floor (indoor) and 1 smoking room on the 1st floor (outdoor).We apologize for any inconvenience caused to smokers, but please understand.

    From 2022.10.1 to 2023.2.28, we are planning to construct the outer wall of the building.We will do our best to make our guests feel comfortable.Please be assured that there will be no impact on the ocean view from your room or inside the facility.
    ※During the daytime from 10:00 to 15:00, there may be cases where there is work that makes noise.We kindly ask for your understanding for customers who plan to stay in the guest room during the period.

Full of playfulness! A new form of relaxation "Noah" OPEN on March 3, 2022!

  • ◆2022/3/3 OPEN New Guestroom"Noah"◆

    A new guest room recommended for group trips that creates an exquisite relaxing space with an extraordinary feeling of relaxing and shining items that make you feel like you are spending time in your own room!
    The shower in the room is a hot topic Mirable Ultra Fine Mist(^^)
    Spend a relaxing day with your friends and family in our new style rooms.
    ■Capacity:6 people■floor:3rd floor■Size:73m2■Floor plan:4 beds + living room※Futons will be provided for 5 to 6 people ■ Free internet connection(Wifi)■Facilities:Mirable (Ultra Fine Bubble) Shower/BALMUDA Product pot/Actress mirror/Turkish hanging chair/Multicolor lighting / USB power supply(4 places)

2022 golf packs on sale!

  • Notojima Island G & CC, Wakura Golf Club play and stay (one night and two meals) are a great deal!

    Wakura Onsen, a popular golf course in Corona, has two golf courses within a 15-minute drive.
    Popular with beginners and women, Wakura Golf Club (10 minutes by car) with a spacious and dynamic layout, popular with advanced players, challenging and strategic beautiful course Notojima Island G & CC (15 minutes by car) Each golf pack We are preparing.
    2 If you would like a land pack, please contact us by phone or email.

Nationwide discount (National travel support) can be used together with the speed trip drive plan

  • ※Nanao GOTO Discount and Fast Travel Drive plan cannot be used together※

    【Fast trip drive plan"Free Pass 2022 with Ishikawa Accommodation Gift Certificate"】
    The expressway discount, unlimited rides in the tour area, a lodging voucher (10,000 yen), and benefits (500 yen ticket for use in this facility *1 ticket per group) are plan plan. This year's discount starts from 5/9, and can be used in combination with the nationwide discount. (Use a 10,000 yen voucher for the amount after the nationwide discount)For details, please check the NEXCO Central Japan website (link).
    Period:From May 9, 2022 to April 30, 2023(Obon,End of Year/Beginning of Year,Excluding Golden Week)
    ※Only the Official website and direct telephone reservations can be applied, but reservations from accommodation reservation sites such as Jalan and Rakuten, and travel agencies are not applicable.

Supper & Karaoke Club is closed

  • The midnight snack "Yoshimatsu" and the karaoke club "Hanatsubaki" are currently closed (indefinitely).

    The night restaurant "Yoshimatsu" and the karaoke club "Hanatsubaki" are closed indefinitely in order to change the business format and prevent infection due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.Please understand.

B terrace OPEN!

  • The B terrace, where you can relax and enjoy Sea view of the sea, has opened in the courtyard!

    Perfect for early summer when the outdoors are comfortable

    A space where you can relax and enjoy Sea view

    Guests can use it freely.

    Enjoy the view of the Sea view

Restaurant "En" choice menu has been renewed!

  • Introducing a choice and tablet ordering system on the spot for each person with an exquisite local menu

    From the viewpoint of infectious disease control, one person from 4 to 5 local gourmet dishes (varies depending on the season) using local luxury ingredients from the traditional choice menu style that the staff frequently visits at the seat. We have renewed the menu so that you can choose one by one.
    We have also started ordering drinks and additional menus on tablets without asking the staff.

A new type of private dining "Aya" will open on March 20, 2020!

  • A new type of private dining "Aya" will open on March 20, 2020!

    ☆A relaxing dining space to spend at Designers Room☆
    A new private room restaurant.
    A new feeling as if you are spending time in another room.
    We will create memorable scenes in 12 different rooms with different tastes.
    Please use it for an anniversary trip or staying with someone special.

Relaxing dining space in the designer's room-private dining"Aya"

  • New-style private dining room

    A private room where you can relax as if you were in a room
    Perfect for anniversaries! Pair sheet full of corrugated feeling
    12 ways to enjoy each room with different taste
    Just watching it is fun! The name of the room is Noto, objects and icons related to Ishikawa
    While it is based on the Japanese taste, a new style private dining room is open!

Online shop "Biwanso Original Biwanso" is now available!

  • Biwanso soup made by Biwanso

    Our original! This is a “all-purpose dashi” based on kombu and kelp.
    Recommended for souvenirs and gifts (^ _ ^.)
    It is now on sale at our shop and online shopping.

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Lounge with Suisai view "Suisai"

    Inside the entrance and lobby, this facility is a meeting place for customers to interact with your hotel.
    As wide space can be relaxed from the bottom of my heart, the things that touch the eyes make me feel comfortable, I let the heart to pick you up.
  • Banquet rooms·Convention hall

    Meeting room "Zuiun" (2F), 100 chairs, 150 chairs only
    Meeting room "Toki" (1F), 30 chairs, 50 chairs only

    Usage fee
    "Zuiun" 1 hour 27,500 yen(Tax included)
    "Toki" 1 hour 16,500 yen(Tax included)
    ※Only with accommodation and meals
  • You can fish from the courtyard

    There is currently no pier, but you can enjoy fishing from the courtyard embankment. The rental chopsticks are food and tricks for 800 yen (tax included). Of course bringing in fishing equipment such as salmon is also OK. There are also 2 fishing gear stores nearby (about 5 minutes by car).
    ※If you are fishing in earnest, Noto Island is recommended.
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3-1 Wakazaki, Wakura Town, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Telephone number



Kanazawa 1 hour by car from Kanazawa city, 5 minutes by Wakura IC 5 minutes by "parking lot free" from the Wakura-Onsen Station and a shuttle bus "free * reservation required" from Wakura-Onsen Station

Transfer available (conditions)
Pick up from JR Wakuraonsen Station (available from 7:00 to 21:00, free), it is a reservation, but it is also possible to contact you on the day.
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.